Meet Dr Alaska Obi (Biography) – Patronizer Of Prostitutes (Alleged Crime)

Meet Dr Alaska Obi (Biography) – Patronizer Of Prostitutes (Alleged Crime)

APE OR OSHOFREE JIBITI; Singer Benna VS Abuja Doctor cum Nude Photographer

Dr Alaska Obi Pictures

Runs girl meets Runs Boy.
Before anything, the guy was wrong to have made videos of the girl naked.
Buyers beware
But the girl asking for money looked like it was consensual.
What’s your take?

Na them talk am , say he dey fuck , he no dey pay …. Guess who Dr Alaska Obi is ?

Yes he is a real medical doctor in Nigeria …. O Boy , this man don fall hand shaaa , you will like to know news about him abii !!!

Leaked chat shows singer Queency Benna threatening Dr Alaska Obi after she wasn’t paid the agreed amount following a tryst

Queency Benna’s claim that she was raped by a man named Obi appears to be a case of a woman who wasn’t paid after a tryst as shown by leaked chats.

Late last night, singer Queency Benna released a video, saying she was suicidal because she was raped by a doctor named Obi.

She released part of their chats to back her claims and said she was waiting for a doctor’s report. She also tagged the Nigerian police.

The full chat has now emerged and it appears to show that they agreed to meet for sex but problem began when he paid her afterwards with fake transfer.

In the chat, she called him a “doctor that is inhuman enough to sleep with a woman in her own hotel room and left her stranded after an argument.”

She reached out to him, asking for her money. When that wasn’t forthcoming, she threatened to go on social media to call him out and she later followed through on her threats.

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