15 Churches you shouldn’t be attending to save you money and other things

1.Avoid any church yet to build a permanent site ?

2.Avoid any churches with a private jet – Enoch Adeboye leads this pack.

3.Keep away when u see Funke, Ashimolowo, Oritshejafor or Mike Okonkwo or other known manipulators as guest speakers.

4.If the flier says miracle, prophetic and deliverance service,stay in your house and watch African Magic Channel.

5.If the theme is “who tied my goat,give me husband or I die,I will not leave Lagos empty handed”
stay home and watch Nkem Owoh.

6.Any pastor that talks of seed sowing for your breakthroughs, don’t go close – David Oyedepo leads in this regard.

7.If your pastor invites people to come and do seed sowing sessions, run, he is a wolf ?

8.Any church with annual pilgrimage to Lagos area for Holy ghost acquisitions and breakthroughs, flee – another round of religious colonization targetting SE & SS.

9. Any church where you cannot approach and speak with the pastor or he enters in as a celebrity, run far away – Mike Okonkwo did exactly this in Canada five years ago.

10.Any church with a vision of building party hall, schools or a university for profit, run far.

11.Any place you hear these lines during testimony “since I connected to this altar,I thank the God of daddy blah blah blah – brainwashing.

12.Any church where the pastor or wife appears to people in a dream, ah ,you don enter correct witchcraft, run far away.

13.Any place you need to pay consultation fee to see pastor and receive prophecy

14. Any pastor with an alias e.g indabosky liquid metal, major prophet,oracle of god,talk na do,owomowomo – (mixture of Nollywood into the religious business)
Those are names they get from juju initiation. Run away.

15.Any church with emphasis continually on money. Mammon is the lord there – Run away.

Am just joking oooooo , don’t come for me

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