A MIND-BLOWER OR JUST AN AUTHOR: About Uche Chika (TheSensei)

Just when we thought of going back to foreign authors, Chika Uche gives us another reason to hold on to African literature in his mind-blowing debut novel titled I’m Not Dead Yet. They call him thesensei, “is he a mind-blower or just an author?” is the question on the mind of many of readers after turning the last page of this suspense-filled novel.

Uche Chika

I’m Not Dead Yet is a suspense-filled story of intriguing love and a challenging forgiveness that begins with a joyful walk from the cinema that takes two young lads in their prime to different places, leaving their families clueless and grief-stricken.

Benita, Obi’s sister soon recovers and returns to her unfinished project in school. Theresa, a young faithful Catholic girl, dedicated to her studies, while paying full allegiance to her father who upholds high religious standards for every member of the Akowe family, is uncontrollably swept off her feet.

In 2015, the year of her graduation, the strength of her moral and religious character faces opposition from a tempest. She single-handedly follows what her juvenile heart yearns for in the storm that puts the repercussions of her feats out of sight.

For the next three years, she carries what she believes to be a weapon, but is indeed a yoke, drawing her conceptual-self closer to biting the dust. With the weapon of hate for the male gender, she keeps up the fight until she stumbles upon a certain young man.

Everyone hates spoilers, but dear, I’m tempted to pour my thought on the intricately-knit plots of this great read. If you’re a lover of African literature, new adult, thriller, suspense, mystery and even romance this is the book for you.

Chika Uche shows all the qualities of a great writer, get a copy of I’m Not Dead Yet on online book stores and vendors.

Connect with the author, website: thesensei.com.ng IG:thesensei1 Twitter: thesensei____

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