More Deatils About Mysp Nigeria – 10 Facts About Them

More Deatils About Mysp Nigeria – 10 Facts About Them

Surviving COVID-19 self-isolation ?with Konji ??

Weeks before the lockdown in Lagos, I attended a wedding and days later I got a report that some of the guests at the event had tested positive for COVID-19.

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Immediately, I had to isolate from my husband and other family members, while I waited for my test result, I began to feel this massive konji within me, probably because I was ovulating.

The cravings for my husband’s warmth and touches were driving me to an ocean of frustration, so I chatted my hubby that he needs to work something out before I lose my mind. After all, na konji and legal hubby knacks dey hook me, I no choke person.

Since we couldn’t have physical contacts we turned to our flamingo ? wireless vibrator, when we needed to add some flavor to our union. ( If you are wondering how to get one DM @myspnigeria)

My husband was in the main building while I isolated in the BQ. He controlled the intensity of the vibrations from the app on his phone, while I got soaked in my own juice.

The vibrations were so intense, my hands were grabbing fiercely everything within reach till it pulled down the curtain blinds. Although, my husband wasn’t with me the sense of satisfaction I felt since he controlled the intensity of vibration was a joyous feeling.

Days later, I received my test result, it was negative. My whole family was elated at the news.


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